About Us

Matilda's Farmyard Nursery is an Australian family business that has been operating in and around the Illawarra for the past 21 years. In that time, we have built a reputation for happy, healthy and well cared for animals and have an “A” star rating with the Department of Primary Industries. 21 years ago, we had our daughter Matilda and we wanted to do something that would allow us more family time – 15 years ago we managed to move onto our own little slice of rural heaven from which we run our business. Matilda’s Farmyard Nursery was born & it has turned out to be so rewarding. The business has become our lifestyle and we are blessed to have the opportunity to give children & adults the chance to get up close & personal with some of the beautiful farm animals that live on our farm.

We have always remained ‘boutique’ size – we are the ones you will see at functions – not franchisees of our business. We wanted to ensure that the standard of care and attention for the animals always remained the highest we can achieve. For this reason, we do not consider ourselves a “baby petting farm”, many of our animals have been here their whole life – Nadia our mini pony is 21 and was one of the first animals to come live with us! Early on we decided that the animals give so much to us and the people that meet them that we wanted to give back to them. Around 95% of our animals are rescue animals, ones that have had a problem for one reason or another & are in need of care. Lucy our llama was found in the paddock staggering in circles abandoned by mum and had some issues due to lack of oxygen at birth. She came to live with us and after many vet trips and lots of love she is now also a star of the show – in fact I think she thinks she IS the show and takes great selfies!

Likewise, our mini donkey Idol was imported from America to be a stud donkey however he turned out to be infertile – a new donkey was brought in – Idol was then one boy too many so he came to live on the farm, now he is the star of many Nativity Scenes! Then we have the endless lambs & goats who mum rejects/can’t feed, we raise them & return them, find homes for them or they stay on the farm. The chicks & ducklings are regularly sourced from “educational hatching programmes”. They come on visits with us, become beautifully quiet and happy around people, then when they are bigger we find homes with people trying to live sustainable lifestyles & have great veggie patches that are just crying out for some ducks or chooks!!! We hope that you get to meet some of our beautiful animals one day & please do not hesitate to contact us for any more information.

Many thanks, Venetia, George & Matilda!