Diversional Therapy

One of our favourite places to visit!

  • Hand-picked animals that are gentle and able to be nursed.
  • Plenty of hands on interaction
  • Visits tailor made for individual centres
  • Available for inside or outside set up


Two trained staff members visit the residents with a number of hand-picked animals. All visits are discussed with the client and catered to that particular centre’s needs.

We have found throughout the years that many residents are in chairs or are wobbly on their feet so, for this reason, we set up a small holding pen that staff members can work from.

The animals are hand-picked for their size, gentleness and ability to either walk around the resident’s chairs or be placed & nursed on their laps whilst staff members help them to interact & listen to residents reminiscing about life on the land when they were young!

studies show pets in aged care can help reduce blood pressure, fatigue, & confusion whilst boosting enthusiasm, physical activity and social well-being

We also bring a number of smaller animals, chicks, chickens, ducklings, guinea pigs, bunnies for the residents to nurse on their laps or walker seats.

A favourite is always Lucy the llama or Primrose the pony who both love to walk amongst the residents, Lucy is quite happy to wander through the wings or to the room of someone unable to come downstairs.

We recommend this visit for young or old with varying degrees of disabilities! Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a visit for your clients!