Meet the TEAM

Here are some of the regular farmyard crew you may meet!

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~ Our LLAMAS ~


Lucille is 14, loves meeting people, gives kisses & is great at taking selfies!


Lola is 9, is a little more reserved than Lucille, can often be found at markets and was even brave enough to have a Santa photo!

~ Our Miniature donkey ~

“American Idol” … “Idol” for short!

Idol comes all the way from Texas, loves a good neck rub and is very gentle.

~ Our Miniature Ponies ~


Nadia miniature pony

Nadia is 21 years old, is a bit cheeky & has even led Santa into our local Kidswish Christmas party.


Primrose miniature pony

Primrose is 14 years old, she wants to be a unicorn when she grows up and loves to go to birthday parties!

~ Our GOATS ~

Two of many, meet “Heidi & Helga”

Our Anglo Nubian goats Heidi and Helga are best friends, when they drink their long ears dangle in the water and their favourite food is chewing on plants in mum’s garden!

~ Our English Angora Bunnies ~

Everyone’s favourite, meet “Bun Bun” & “fluff”

Bun Bun & Fluff are often seen hopping around our animal display, they have the softest fur & big fluffy ears and always draw a crowd!



Meet “MADDY”

Maddy loves playing in the paddock with her friends and her favourite flowers are tulips !

~ Our CALVES ~


Buttercup came to live with us for a while when she was little and joined the farmyard …. she grew …. and grew ….and now she can be found grazing out in the paddocks


We have a selction of hens & ducks and they all have weird & wonderful hair do's!

If you would like to have an up-close, hands on experience with any of our animals please do not hesitate to contact us!