Playgroups, Schools & Childcare

  • Hands on learning
  • Supervised interactions
  • Wide range of clean, happy, healthy animals


Our animals are hand raised which makes them ideal for interactions with children. They are very quiet, not pushy and happy to just let children pat and groom them.

Visits are discussed with teachers beforehand and children come out in small groups which enable them to get the most out of their time in the animal pen.

Everything included:

  • Large animal pen approx. 7m x 7m
  • Wide range of animals
  • 2 large tubs for children to interact with smaller animals
  • Brushes for grooming
  • Sanitizer for before and after
  • Nest baskets for nursing animals and photos

For a visit tailored to your school / preschools needs please contact us for more information and a quote.